Creative Hotel and Resort Photography and Hotel Video

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Creative Hotel and Resort Photography and Hotel Video
Visual Prestige produce hotel photography and hotel video for the luxury destinations
market, catering to hotels, resorts, holiday destinations, luxury brands and luxury
experiences, independent tour operators, travel companies, luxury yachts and magazines.
We create a fluid window for your brand, communicating the lifestyle you wish your
customers to experience and visualising the story that you have to tell about your own
destination, resort interior or hotel.

Destination Photography
What gives us an edge over others is our unique creative flair in capturing honest and
believable lifestyle images of real people, models and staff. Using this ability allows us to
to create authentic people lifestyle imagery. Our team creates super bespoke hotel
photography and hotel video content that perfectly compliments and enhances your
existing marketing requirements. Our uniqueness comes from a highly experienced team
with a background in high fashion lifestyle and conceptual photography and video, adding
a contemporary European flare to all the pieces we create
We shoot all over the world locations, interiors and lifestyle meeting clients expectations
with our high quality photographic production workflow. From the initial captures right
through to the final post production offering you the very best in digital capture and
technology. Creative thinking and composition knowledge contributes to what sets us apart
from others.
Visual Prestige

Destination Photography


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